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Repertory repertoire help type of music to search
Pitch pitch search help A-G, sharp=#, flat=-
e.g. C E- G F#
Interval interval search help maj=M, min=m, aug=A, dim=d per=P, fifth=5, up=+, down=-.
e.g. +m9 -P8 +M3 P1
Scale Degree scale-degree search help do=1, re=2, mi=3, fa=4, so=5, la=6, ti=7 (mode insensitive). e.g. 34554321
Gross Contour gross contour help up=/, down=\, unison=-.
e.g. //\-/ or uudsu
Refined Contour refined contour help up step=u, up leap=U,
down step=d, down leap=D, same=s. e.g. uUDsdu
Location beginning of theme only, or
anywhere in theme
search location help
key help
Meter / key help

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